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Dalian Petroleum Instrument Co., Ltd.

South Tangli Industrial Park, Ganjinzi District, Dalian





Dalian Petroleum Instrument Co. Ltd.was founded in 1988.  It has been the leading automatic petroleum instruments manufacturer also the most famous professional manufacturer in China.Dalian Petroleum was certified for ISO 9001:in 1998 and has a reliable Quality Assurance Systems in instrument design, development, manufacturing, installation and service.   Dalian Petroleum has abundant technology, perfect procedures, super quality and excellent credit. In recent years we developed many excellent products: Automatic Distillation Tester, Automatic Pour Point Tester, Automatic Cold Filter Plugging Point Tester,  Automatic Micro Freezing Point Tester, Automatic Micro Solidifying Point Tester of Diesel Oil, Automatic Tester for Oxidation Stability of Gasoline,Automatic Flash Point Tester, Automatic Vapor Pressure Tester, Automatic Automated Kinematic Viscosity Tester (straight tube method) and so on, the products have a high degree of technology, perfect procedures and are highly automated. They all reach or ahead of the international market place and also are perfect for product renewal.

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