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ibidi GmbH

Am Klopferspitz 19, Martinsried 82152


+49 89 5204617-0

+49 89 5204617-59

ibidi – cells in focus
ibidi develops, produces, and distributes innovative labware products, instruments, and reagents for live cell analysis and cell-based assays specifically for high end microscopy. An extensive line of cell-culture biochips—µ-Slides, µ-Dishes, and µ-Plates—offers solutions for immunofluorescence and basic cell culture, plus complex assays, such as angiogenesis, chemotaxis, wound healing, shear stress, and flow.
The instrument line includes stage top incubators, a unique perfusion system that provides continuous flow for the simulation of blood vessels, and a new system for monitoring, measuring, and controlling the O2 concentration in biological samples.
Finally, ibidi’s newest innovation, Fuse-It-mRNA, allows for the fast and efficient transfer of mRNA into cells, especially primary cells and stem cells.

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