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Korea Scientific Instruments Industry Cooperative (KSIIC) - Stand 461

131 Changsungdong,Jongnogu Seoul,110-034

Korea, Republic of




KSIIC is a special legal entity established in 1984 in order to support manufactures of scientific instruments and to promote science education of Korea. Its more than 300 members are manufacturing science educational materials, scientific analysis instruments and technical training equipments. KSIIC and its members are dedicated to supply quality products to customers in Korea and foreign countries. By supplying newly developed products, KSIIC's member companies are contributing to improvement of education, experiments and reaserch activities of schools, laboratories and relevant industry. KSIIC is organizing exhibitions in Korea and participating at overseas exhibitions to promote foreign trading and technology transfer. KSIIC also arranges trade delegations to visit various places of the world. KSIIC hopes to join international efforts to enhance human standard of living by means of developing technology and concept for students, teachers, trainers. We welcome proposals to exchange creative ideas and information for mutual prospertiy.

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