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systemceram GmbH & Co. KG - Stand 212

Berggarten 1,56427 Siershahn


+49 26 23/600-10

+49 26 23/600-776


systemceram GmbH & Co KG is a young company, but with a long tradition. This apparent contradiction is deceiving, but the origins of today's company actually dates back to the Casting Ceramics Division of KCH – Keramchemie, founded in 1928.
The ceramic activities of KCH Keramchemie, the focus of which was on acid protection, were abandoned on 31.12.1999 within the course of strategic restructuring.

Simultaneously, the founders of today's systemceram acquired this business division by way of a management buyout, and an owner-managed family business then resulted from the corporate business division.

In this way it was ensured that the technical expertise of the casting ceramic production could still be used, developed and refined.

These virtues form the basis on which systemceram orientates its business strategy. The focus of all actions is on the one hand the production of medium-sized batches and on the other hand the production of a durable product which can be exposed to extreme stresses.

In order to be able to meet this challenge, we exclusively produce porcelain stoneware which fulfils the high demands of the standard specifications pertinent to laboratory facilities.

systemceram provide sinks and worktops for modern fitted kitchens and laboratory facilities based on this high level of material quality.

Outstanding designs of shape and colour, or the opportunity for individual worktop designs, distinguish this state-of-the-art technology and have allowed systemceram to become a valued partner for the fitted kitchen and laboratory construction markets.

Special products require excellent planning and customer advice; for this reason we have specialist traders for fitted kitchens and the laboratory industry amongst our distribution partners.
The modern production plant is designed for the manufacture of ceramic specialist items and not for mass production. The vast production flexibility permitted through this has made systemceram a hub for specialist solutions, thus founding the third pillar of the company: specialised products for house and bathroom.

Our current active team of around 200 staff across an area of approx. 25,000 m2 contribute towards our customers and suppliers being able to depend on a reliable partner here in Westerwald.

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