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Noldus Information Technology bv

PO Box NO 268, Nieuwe, Kanaal 5, 6700AG Wageningen


+31 317 473 300

+31 317 424 496

Noldus Information Technology develops, markets and supports professional software and instrumentation for animal behavior research. These products enable the collection, analysis, management, and presentation of behavioral data.

Our product range for neuroscience research includes EthoVision XT, a video tracking tool, and The Observer XT for behavior annotation. Additionally, CatWalk XT is used for footprint and gait analysis, ErasmusLadder for cerebellar phenotyping, and PhenoTyper for home cage testing. DanioScope is the tool for measurements of zebrafish embryo and larvae, DanioVision for monitoring zebrafish larvae activity, and Track3D is a video-based system for automated tracking of animals in a three-dimensional space.

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