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Hindustan Platinum Pvt. Ltd. - Stand 335

C-122 TTC Industrial Area,Pawane Village,Navi Mumbai - 400703


+91.22.2768 3006

+91.22.2761 9398 / 99

Hindustan Platinum, established in 1961, is a manufacturer of precious metals products having industrial applications across a broad spectrum of industries. Armed with technical partnerships with world leaders in the field, such as Engelhard-CLAL, Corning Incorporated of USA, dmc2 (formerly, Degussa-Huls), Germany and Chugai Electric Industrial Company, Japan, our commitment to quality and customer-driven research enables us to constantly meet the customers' requirements and to constantly strive to exceed it. In accepting responsibility as a manufacturer whose components are critical to the manufacturing processes of other industries, Hindustan Platinum ensures stringent quality control at all levels of manufacturing starting right with purity of raw material, for which we have state of the art in-house refining facilities. A quest for perfection and precision has resulted in technologies that are continuously evolving. With a customer base in USA, Europe, UK and Asia, the world is our market. Moreover, diminished entry and exit barriers due to our having custom-bonded manufacturing premises and a custom bonded warehouse ensures smooth movement of goods and timely delivery. Our approach, therefore, is truly global. Our outlook, positive. Our mission, your satisfaction. Your success, our triumph.

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