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LECO Corporation - Stand 333

G040 TechnoHub, Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority - Dubai

United Arab Emirates



For more than 80 years, LECO Corporation has remained a worldwide leader in the development of top-quality lab instruments and consumables for mined materials, life science, energy, environment, agro and food industries.
Our diverse selection of products covers:
Analytical Science
Elemental analyzers for carbon, sulfur, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen; analyzers for protein, ash/moisture, mercury, and calorific value; glow discharge spectrometers for bulk and/or quantitative depth profile analysis.
Separation Science
Fast GC-TOFMS systems with ChromaTOF® software dedicated to a wide variety of applications; GCxGC-TOFMS and GCxGC FID/ECD systems offer increased separation power. New High Resolution TOFMS systems combine speed, resolution, mass accuracy, and dynamic range for capabilities previously not possible in a single instrument.
Metallographic Science
Metallographic sample preparation equipment; macro and micro-indentation hardness testers; image analysis and management systems.

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