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Behineh Pardazesh Arman (ABPVibro) Co.

Head Office: Unit 102, No.18, 16th alley, Khaled Eslamboli (Vozara), Tehran

Iran Islamic Republic of

+98 21 884 81873-5

+98 21 884 81875

ABPVibro is a company working in the field of condition monitoring and vibration analysis used in monitoring rotatary machines. The company is specialized in manufacturing vibration measurement and analyzer systems,Modal testing equipments and calibrating vibration measurement sensors and devices as a Calibration Lab (has fulfilled ISO17025).

This company has accomplished manufacturing vibration measurement system and instruments on its personnel knowledge and experience to provide a considerable deal of Middle East, East Europe and Asia energy sector need to condition monitoring systems . It has also registered different vibration device patents like: accelerometer,Modal analyzer , Real time FFT analyzer and flexible shaft balancing system in Iran.

Reliability , innovation and high-level quality of ABPVibro products have caused it to get a considerable share of the market.

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