Food Industry Analysis options now available globally

13 June 2017

Lab Chat

Cecil Liquid Chromatography Systems for Food, Beverage and Drinking Water Analyses

Cecil Instruments’ reliable, sensitive, ultra-low drift, modular, versatile and easy to use, liquid chromatography instrumentation with automation options, has numerous food, beverage and drinking water applications. This liquid chromatography instrumentation includes Cecil IonQuest Ion Chromatography, Adept a...

New Range of Solvents

01 June 2017

Lab Chat

PANREAC QUIMICA Group announce their latest range of Reagents for UHPLC and Spectroscopy.

Reagents for HPLC and Spectroscopy that meet the highest requirements in quality 

The range of solvents for HPLC and spectroscopy is specifically designed to be used in the modern methods of Instrumental Analysis, as multipurpose solvents. These products are strictly controlled in our analytical labo...

Turnkey Project Opportunities in Saudi Arabia

01 June 2017

Lab Chat

With many new Turnkey Projects and laboratories being planned in Saudi Arabia…

Advance Scientific Technology Introduction 

Advance Scientific Technology is a leading supplier for Analytical & Medical Needs, Ours expertise consist of supplying analytical lab equipements, instruments, spare parts, accessories into Pharma industry, petro industry, universities and research labs. We Provide c...

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