How many AIR QUALITY STATIONS does the UAE have?

19 November 2018

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Pollution is no doubt one of the biggest environmental concerns heading into 2019. It’s no surprise that we’re seeing changes being made across the world. That’s exactly the case United Arab Emirates (UAE), where environmental leaders are increasing efforts to monitor air quality and reduce pollutants in the air.

Their latest step is to set up a new air quality station at the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment in Dubai. The station will be equipped with sensors and filters, designed to detect nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and ground ozone levels.

Harmful particles

As well as detecting harmful gases, the station can alert people to harmful microscopic liquids or solids in the air, known as particulate matter. These particles have been associated with an increased risk of heart disease and cancer.

But that’s not all. Household air pollution is a leading killer in poor rural and urban areas across the globe and up to a third of deaths from strokes, lung cancer and heart disease worldwide are caused by air pollution.

In the UAE specifically, most cities are exceeding levels of air pollution recommended by the World Health Organisation. The negative impact unclean air has and continues to have on the UAE population is the main motivator for the introduction of the new air quality station.

Combined effort

Aisha Al Abdooli, director of green development at the environment ministry, believes that the improvement of air pollution will take a combined effort from both the government and the global population. While the UAE government is making huge strides towards a cleaner planet, it’s only one part of the international effort.

The air quality station in Dubai will be used for research and to improve the working environment for employees. In the case of a dust storm, any employees with allergies can be pre-warned, to avoid any inhalation of air particles.

The number of stations

Dubai’s new air quality station isn’t actually the first of its kind. It will bring the UAE’s total number of stations up to 42. Situated across the nation, the stations are operated and maintained by several different organisations, including the National Centre of Meteorology and the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi.

These stations, including the newly built one, are following and aiding Abu Dhabi’s environment agency endorsement, helping to monitor air pollution. The Plume app allows residents to keep an eye on the air quality levels, and even offers advice for eating and exercising outdoors. It’s another step to a cleaner, greener UAE.

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