MOBILE PETROL STATIONS….. How does it work?

16 February 2019

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While the rest of the world may be searching for fuel alternatives as a solution to the ever-growing problem of climate change, the UAE is offering a different, yet sustainable and innovate alternative solution.

Dubai has recently made history with the very first relocatable, compact petrol station. The stations have been designed to cater for residential and remote communities across the city, helping those people living in areas without easily-accessible petrol stations.

The petrol station, designed and created by Enoc, is still currently in its pilot stage within the Arabian Ranches community. In just five days of being up and running, the station pumped a whopping 12,000 litres of fuel into local motorists’ vehicles. The station has a tank capacity of 30,000 litres of Special 95 fuel and is able to fill up to 400 cars every day.

What are the benefits?

As for what the new petrol station brings to Dubai, it holds a number of benefits for both local residents and the environment, including:

Eco-friendly system – the station is fitted with a Vapour Recovery System, which can covert 70% of fumes back to fuel.
High capacity – it has two petrol pumps and a large tank, fuelling up to 400 cars a day. .
Easily moved – it can be easily placed in urban locations, ensuring residents living in remote communities can access fuel with ease. .
Ease-of-pay – the station also offers a range of payment methods, including mobile payment and RFID technology. .
Solar panelled – it even uses sustainable, renewable solar power as fuel, decreasing its impact on the environment. .
Safe to use – it’s also fitted with an overfill prevention valve, audible alarms, pressure vacuum vents and emergency vents for the inner and outer walls. 

New and upcoming project

Zaid Alqufaidi, the managing director of Enoc Retail, said “we have been developing this idea for two years… we call it a plug and play concept. It’s unique because it’s easy to move”. As an official sponsor of Expo 2020 Dubai, Enoc is now planning on launching 3 compact petrol stations on site ready for the Expo.

Moving forward, Alqufaidi said Enoc has plans to set up petrol stations in “four primary locations throughout the city… specifically targeting residential communities like Arabian Ranches”. While the relocatable mobile unit may appear to be only a small-scale project, the petrol station works in the same way as any other permanent station in Dubai, offering all forms of smart payment to ease the users’ experience.

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