UAE Researchers ranked among the World’s Top Scientists

17 January 2021

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Each year, Stanford University publishes an exhaustive list of the top 2% of scientists in every discipline, based upon the impact of their published papers on a citation basis. In 2019, the prestigious list included a plethora of Emirati scientists, including 32 United Arab Emirate University (UAEU) faculty members.

The achievement is a remarkable one and stands as testament to how the UAEU serves as a leader and pioneer in academic research. The university has signalled its pride at receiving such recognition and indicated that it is happy to welcome distinguished researchers from all kinds of backgrounds to its world-class facilities.

A huge achievement

Alongside the much-coveted Nobel Prizes, the Stanford University list represents the pinnacle of achievement for researchers working all around the world. For the UAEU to see 32 of its own faculty members bestowed with the honour of pertaining to the top 2% of scientists working within their discipline is a remarkable achievement and one which the institution is very proud of.

Aside from the UAEU faculty members, a further 146 scientists studying in the UAE were included on the list. That huge amount highlights just how impressive the educational opportunities are in the Emirates and should serve as yet another attractive lure for those considering a career in the sciences, medicine or any other research discipline to come to the UAE to further their knowledge.

Best in class

The total list includes 159,683 individuals who represent the very best at what they do in their chosen field. For 178 Emirati scientists to qualify for the list is an incredible feat, especially given the country’s relatively small population in comparison to other countries. Some of the best performing researchers named on the list include: • Dr Qasim Mohammad Al-Mudallal, who was ranked 71st in the field of Numerical and Computational Mathematics and who currently serves as a Professor of Applied Mathematics at the College of Science

  • Dr Mohammad Al-Saleh, who was ranked 84th in his chosen field and currently serves as a Professor of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
  • Dr Thomas Ahrens, who was ranked 141st in the field of accounting researchers and is currently employed by the College of Business and Economics
  • Dr Nico Nagelkerke, who was ranked among the top 200 scientists in his chosen field and who currently works for the Department of Public Health at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences

All 178 scientists – and in particular, the 32 faculty members at UAEU – should be delighted with the announcement. The recognition from Stanford University not only underlines their own personal excellence, but points to the exemplary facilities, teaching and opportunities which exist for enthusiastic researchers in the UAE.

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