What is a Sustainable City?

09 March 2018

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p>The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is known for its oil production. But, looking to the future, could it be known to have one most sustainable cities ever? That’s where Diamond Developers comes in. Building a city just outside central Dubai, they hope the new metropolitan will produce as much energy, if not more, than it consumes. Coined the Sustainable City, they believe this will be the future of construction. Read on to see if it’s possible…

The initiatives of the Sustainable City

Staying at the forefront of new technologies and environmental advancements is a growing concern for the UAE. That’s especially the case as recent studies suggest the carbon plateau is over and in fact global temperatures are set to rise by 2 degrees. And Sustainable City – a newly built 113-acre city – is a perfect example of the efforts to go green.

$354 million has gone into the project, which Diamond Developers hope will improve social, environmental and economic concerns. They aim to achieve this through “passive and active design” focusing on numerous elements of sustainability.

Keeping the city green

What sets the Sustainable City apart from its polluting counterparts is that it’s made with one thing in mind – going green:

  • Petrol-fuelled cars are banned, and residents are only allowed to take public transport or drive electric-powered smart cars
  • Each house is fitted with solar panels and all the water will be recycled for urban farming
  • The air quality and the microclimate will be significantly better than other inner-city areas and there will 10,000 productive and non-productive trees
  • The developers have constructed 500 villas, 89 apartment buildings and plan to build schools, a science museum and a mall

Sounds too good to be true? Well, you might be right when you hear the steep price tag. Houses are set to start at $1 million!

Incentives to move into the city

Despite the cost, those behind the Sustainable City want to make the project commercially viable. That’s why they have made owners and investors shareholders in the wider areas. They have also added a $10,000 subsidy for the new homeowners to buy an electric car.

More recently, the Sustainable City Project plans to introduce autonomous vehicles, which has been agreed with The Roads and Transport Authority. This supports the UAE Smart City initiative, which aims to transform 25% of public transport into driverless transit by 2030. With this in mind, perhaps this will be one of the greenest cities on the globe.

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