16 December 2018

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A UAE company is looking to improve the health of its national workforce through the integration of an eight-minute, non-invasive physical examination and a web and mobile application. SPOTCHECK, which is the name of the company behind the incentive, are harnessing the power of improved technologies to raise healthcare standards across the nation.

The initiative combines a non-invasive health assessment kiosk, which analyses various different factors about the subject’s physical health, with a bespoke app accessible from a computer, tablet or smartphone. Together, the two technologies can evaluate the person’s medical condition and suggest training routines, dietary plans and other wellness programmes to boost their overall health.

The two-pronged approach to health evaluation begins with Go Screen, a unique screening kiosk developed by SPOTCHECK which has received FDA and CE approval. Subjects enter the kiosk and seat themselves for the duration of the non-invasive process, which monitors their blood circulation, heart rate, body fat composition, fatigue, hydration and stress levels and blood vessel conditions in less than eight minutes. The whole process is designed to be easily operated by the user themselves and is being first introduced to corporate and government organisations.

The data collected by the Go Screen kiosk is then synced and archived with ENHAPP, the digital app specifically designed to log and assess those results. Users can access the app from a desktop or handheld device and receive bespoke advice about their nutrition intake, fitness regimes and even conduct one-on-one sessions with industry professionals.

An initial research phase was conducted between 2015 and 2017, during which time 1,744 men took part in the trial. The sample batch encompassed an age range from 18 to 71 years old and included persons from 73 different countries around the world. The results showed that a significant percentage of the Emirati population currently suffer from some form of health complaint and would benefit from regular screenings via the SPOTCHECK platform. Among other results, the data showed that:

• 62% of subjects were “stressed”
• 61% of subjects were not optimally hydrated
• 52% of subjects suffered from fatigue, most likely caused by over-exertion at work or lack of sleep
• 25% of subjects were at least 5kg heavier than the healthy weight for their body type
• 15% of subjects were in the “careful” category with regards to their blood circulation


A timely launch

The SPOTCHECK initiative was announced to coincide with Men’s Health Awareness Month, which takes place every November. The company’s co-founder, Dr Manoj Menon, believes that men all over the UAE would benefit immensely from receiving a quarterly screening via the SPOTCHECK technology and hopes to implement the scheme in offices throughout the UAE in the near future.

“Corporates see the obvious benefits in boosting the wellness of the employees and reducing cases of absenteeism and ill health, while employees are encouraged knowing that their employer is investing in their ongoing health regimes,” he said. “Our technology team, along with in-house medical experts are continuously working towards improving the quality of the information and the user experience. Our aim is to be the leading wellness eco-system provider in this region and to gradually go global.”

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