New Product Launch at ARABLAB LIVE

27 September 2021

Lab Design

When we last met in Arablab in February 2019, none of us would have imagined that so much time would pass before we could finally meet again in person. In those more than two years, a pandemic swept the world and took the lives of millions of people and many more would have lost theirs if it wasn’t for the help and fast pace of Science. It is that permanently evolving Science that we celebrate and show at Arablab; where each one of us, exhibitors, shows our small part of contribution.

In CHC we are permanently working around the new needs of Science and how to deliver solutions to those needs, anticipating them and improving expectations. As a means of celebrating the beginning of the end of the pandemic and as moment of change in the way the world looks at us, we will use this event to present our new line of products!

A fully integrated modular, flexible system that has, as mission to make the future of Science a more comfortable, safer and more versatile one. At CHC we have been working hard to choose the right materials, to make sure we contribute to a more sustainable world, and the right concepts to achieve more versatile and functional working spaces. For those and with these criteria, we come to Arablab to present FLEXI.

Come and visit us AT Stand 253 Hall 2

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