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Russia's Ostec Group Targets Global Expansion

26 September 2017

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Ostec-Instruments produces and offers hi-tech innovative scientific and analytical equipment. Our mission is to be a company that finds, selects, protects and develops cutting-edge ideas to create new products and technologies and deliver technological progress. at is why the symbol of our company is a growing sprout. We provide complete solutions for our clients: the best equipment to meet cus...

Water Surface Contamination

25 September 2017

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Perfluoro-4-ethylcyclohexanesulfonate  has been primarily used as an additive in hydraulic fluid formulations that are designed to inhibit erosion in hydraulic systems.  The use of the hydraulic fluids in commercial aircraft was identified as a likely source of this compound in surface waters and fish from the Great Lakes of  North America.

UAE Leads the Way in STEM

24 September 2017

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Countries around the world are making strides towards gender equality in the workplace. Whether it’s narrowing the pay gap, or giving more rights to working women, progress is certainly being made. But, unfortunately, there are still some clear problems lingering in specific sectors. And one of those is STEM.

What is STEM?

For those who aren’t familiar, STEM is a term referring to educati...

Is the UAE Becoming More Energy Efficient?

19 September 2017

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Energy use in the UAE is on the up. That’s partly down to increased demand, but it will pose serious problems as it continues to rise. If the growth carries on, there simply won’t be enough energy to meet demands. The solution? Improved energy efficiency. Read on to see how the Emirates measures up when it comes to making energy use more efficient.

The current situation

Understandably, en...

Is the UAE Ready to Embrace Electric?

17 September 2017

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Countries across the world are looking to electric as the future of car power. In the UK, for instance, they’re investing £100 million in charging infrastructure. It’s part of their decision to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2040. But how about the UAE? This post explores how the UAE could be embracing electric in the coming years.

Innovative Emirates

With the likes of Abu ...


12 September 2017

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Watch below video of SEFA's plan for ARABLAB 2018


How are Plastic Bags Affecting Wildlife?

11 September 2017

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You only have to go back a few years to find a time when plastic bags were the norm. There was nothing wrong, or so it was thought, with loading your weekly shopping into several disposable plastic bags. But over the past few years, we’ve become increasingly aware of their impact on the environment. Read on to see how plastic bags are even affecting animals.

Serious impact

The problem of ...

Concise monitoring of N2 Phamacopeia

06 September 2017

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AGC Instruments has developed an AGC NovaCHROM GC System to monitor N2 Pharmacopeia as per the European Medicines Agency standards. ˜is new system is comprised of a NovaCHROM 4000 Gas Chromatograph using AGC’s own ˜ermal Conductivity Detector (TCD), TrendVision PLUS Chromatography So°ware and Solenoid Control Unit. Satisfying the key requirements for the Quality Control of Nitrogen (N2) fo...

Are We Eating Too Much Salt and Sugar?

24 August 2017

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Salt and sugar – they’re two of the most common ingredients in cooking across the world. In taste terms, they’re almost opposite, epitomising the two broadest categories of food – savoury and sweet. But are we eating too much of these staple ingredients?

Too much of the sweet stuff

The effects of excessive sugar consumption are well known. It causes irregular cholesterol, rising blood sug...

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