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Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co. KG - Stand 506

Calmbacher Str. 22, 75323 Bad Wildbad


+49 7081 177-0

+49 7081 177-100

The radiation protection division supplies extremely sensitive and reliable radiation measuring technology for the measurment of radioactive contamination, dose and dose rate, activity and airborne activity concentrations. The product spectrum covers small portable instruments up to large systems. Our customers are in research, nuclear medicine, nuclear energy and now primarily in nuclear decommissioning and waste spectrometers.

Berthold Technologies is also a global leader in life sciences. Our microplate readers and washers, luminometers, label-free microarray systems, HPLC radio detectors, in vivo imagers, microvolume spectrometers, ELISA/assay workstations and Gamma counters made in Germany have been trusted by scientists for more than 60 years. We develop and manufacture user-friendly, reliable, accurate and sensitive high quality bioanalytical solutions.

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