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Yuyao Haiju Laboratory Equipment Co., Ltd.

No.12, Zhoujia, Jiuleishan, Fengshan Street, Yuyao, Ningbo



Yuyao Haiju Laboratory Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011.We are a professional manufacturer in lab
intruments.Our main products are PTFE products (magnetic stir bar, PTFE stir bar retriever,PTFE stirring rod,
PTFE plug, beaker, crucible, reagent bottles, volumetric flask, erlenmeyer flask, tweezers, funnel etc.);
Plastic products (beaker, measuring cup, measuring cylinder, reagent bottle,washing bottle, funnel,
volumetric flask, etc.); Metal products (various laboratory clamps, lab jack, retort satnd, bunsen burner,
etc.); Lab instuments (magnetic stirrer, heater, magnetic stirring heater); And other materials of lab wares.

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