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Xutemp Temptech Co., Ltd.

4 Th Floor, ESP Science and Technology Mansion 90 Wensan Road, Hangzhou 310012




Leading manufacturer for constant temperature equipment for laboratories and process. Temperature range: -95 to +400 °C.Stability ±0.002 to 0.5 °. Certificate for CE mark. Meet requirements of DIN 12876, DIN 12880, EN61010 and EN 61326-1..

Product line: Low and ultra-low refrigerated baths and circulators, Baths, Recirculating coolers, Refrigerated incubators, shaking incubators,Ovens, Chambers, Environmental temperature and humidity chambers, Dynamic temperature circulators..

Applications include: Petroleum chemicals, Pharmaceutical engineering, Medical treatment, Life science, Agriculture study, Food and light industrials, Electronic and electric, Metrological laboratories for detection, Calibration, Research and process control..

When temperature matters, please contact Xutemp.

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