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2mag AG - Stand 313

Schragenhofstrasse 35, DE-80992 Muenchen


+49 89 3815311-0

+49 (89) 14 33 43 69

2mag – Innovative Magnetic Stirrers – 100% Maintenance- and Wear-free. New established company, more than 35 years competence/experience in development, production, world-wide sales of magnetic stirrers. Inductive single- and multi-position magnetic stirrers, NO motors, submersible, up to +200°C ambient temperature, for freezers use, dust- and germ-proof, industrial stirrers up to 1,000 liters and for cell-/tissue cultures, ATEX certified stirrers, stirring blocks/reactionblocks, customizing on request, powerful stirring bars, 100% “Made in Germany”, 3 years warranty.

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