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Titan Biotech Ltd.

A2/3, IIIrd Floor, Lusa Tower,Azadpur Commercial Complex,Delhi-110033




We would like to introduce ourselves (Titan Biotech Ltd) as one of the India’s largest Manufacturer and exporter of Dehydrated Microbiological Culture Media & Biological Media Bases, Antibiotic Disc, Plant Tissue Culture Media& Ingredients and Laboratory Chemicals.Our products are well accepted both in India as well as abroad.
Microbiological Culture Media& Supplements-Dehydrated culture media- Over 1700 Culture Media is available for all types of Microbiological Culture, Harmonized media, Media supplements, and Biological media bases.

Biological Base Products-Oxbile Powder, Brain Heart Infusion Powder,Heamoglobin Powder, Proteose Peptone,  Soya Peptone,Beef Extract Paste/Powder,Casein Hydrolysate,Liver Extract paste /Powder,,Peptone (Veg/Animal),Tryptone, Bile Salt, Gelatin & More.Laboratory chemicals (EP/AR/ACS grade)-EP Grade, AR grade, Molecular Biological Grade, Food Grade
Antibiotic Discs-100 Antibiotic Discs

TITAN MEDIA introduce also complete range of Harmonized Culture Media as per USP 31 NF chapter.It would interest you to know that TITAN products are manufactured under quality assurance system complying to ISO 9001-2008, 13485:2003 & 22000-9001, CE , Free Sales Certificate & cGMP facilitation.

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