Will 2021 bring a Recovery for Oil?

10 January 2021

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The UAE are quietly confident that the coming year will see a slow but steady resurgence in the demand for oil. Speaking to Sky News Arabia, Energy Minister Suhail Al-Mazrouei explained that he envisaged a “gradual” recovery that would take place over the course of the year.

Oil demand fell to record low levels last year, after the spread of coronavirus prompted governments across the globe ...

How big are the UAE’s OIL RESERVES?

20 December 2020

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The total amount of crude oil reserves belonging to the UAE reached a staggering 97.8 billion barrels in 2019, according to official figures. The quantification of UAE’s oil assets was made by the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority (FCSA), who also identified the country’s production of both oil and natural gas in the last year.

That signifies that the Emirates still retain a v...

Abu Dhabi OIL DISCOVERY estimated at 22 Billion Barrels

13 December 2020

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The Supreme Petroleum Council (SPC) of the UAE made headlines last month with the announcement of a significant discovery of previously unknown oil reserves in Abu Dhabi. According to an SPC announcement, the Emirati capital is home to an estimated 22 billion barrels of recoverable, non-conventional crude oil that the authorities did not previously know existed.

The SPC say the new cache cou...

How will OPEC stop prices plummeting?

22 November 2020

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The Secretary General of the Organisation of Oil Exporting Countries + (OPEC+) has indicated that the alliance is fully prepared to take all necessary actions to ensure that oil prices do not plummet steeply once more. Every industry has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic to some extent, but with energy demand slumping, the fossil fuels sector has been harder hit than most.

However, M...

Could the UAE pipe oil to EUROPE?

11 November 2020

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The UAE has opened talks with Israel over the use of a pipeline in the latter region, the operations of which remain classified. The Eilat-Ashkelon pipeline originates on the Gulf of Aqaba on the Red Sea and terminates at Ashkelon on the Mediterranean Sea, thus making it an ideal route for oil from Asia to Europe.

Although it is early days in the discussions, the accord could represent a hug...

When will OIL DEMAND peak?

23 October 2020

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Global oil demand will likely peak around 2030, according to a leading expert in the industry from the UAE. Musabbeh Al Kaabi is the CEO of Petroleum and Resources at the Mubadala Investment Company, headquartered in Abu Dhabi. He delivered his views as part of an online series of interviews with prominent figures from the sector.

According to Al Kaabi, the oil market will recover from the c...


31 August 2020

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The UAE has become the first Arab country to open a nuclear power plant this month with the unveiling of its 5,600GW Barakah facility near Ruwais. The project is the latest attempt by the Emirati government to diversify its energy and their economic portfolios and transform its oil companies into broader energy firms, thus reducing the country’s over-reliance on fossil fuels and transitioning t...

Why is DESALINATION critical in the MIDDLE EAST?

16 August 2020

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While it might be one of the most resource-rich and economically wealthy parts of the planet, the Middle East is sorely lacking in one vital commodity – water. Home to some 400 million people and a climate not conducive to frequent rainfall, the region relies on unconventional sources of drinking water, such as treated wastewater and, in particular, desalination.

As the global population swe...

Why was OIL STORAGE invaluable during COVID-19?

09 August 2020

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The oil and gas industry has taken something of a pummelling over recent months. With lockdown measures in place across much of the globe to limit the spread of coronavirus, demand for energy fell sharply, as industries and businesses all but shut down and far fewer passenger vehicles took to the streets.

Now, with the world beginning to emerge from the height of the coronavirus crisis and t...

Why have companies invested $20 Billion in ADNOC’s Pipeline?

19 July 2020

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The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company – or ADNOC for short – has announced a landmark $20.7 billion deal with six international companies for a minority stake in its domestic pipeline infrastructure. The deal was made with a consortium of the world’s foremost sovereign wealth funds and infrastructure specialists and is expected to yield attractive advantages for all involved parties.

On the one...

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