UAE to supply INDIA with extra LPG

10 October 2019

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The UAE’s state-owned oil company Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) has agreed to supply India with two additional cargoes of liquified petroleum gas (LPG) in the month of October. The request was made by India after their regular provider, Saudi Arabia, suffered a shortfall in its supplies and requested deferment of delivery of the October shipment.

That shortfall arose due to a seriou...


29 September 2019

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There are many different branches of medicine, from gastroenterology to geriatrics, neuroscience to nutritional science… but there’s one which you might not have given too much thought to in the past. Aviation medicine is the discipline which deals exclusively with patients that are airborne, including pilots, cabin crew, passengers or, for space travel, astronauts.

One of the main duties of...

Abu Dhabi Scientists seek to unravel “TURBULANCE”

26 September 2019

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We might associate turbulence almost exclusively with air travel and bumpy flights, but the phenomenon is visible as a daily occurrence in many facets of our lives. Formula One racing car drivers hate it, since the aerodynamic drag it incurs can mean the difference between winning and losing. White-water rapids kayakers and rafters love it, since it constitutes the main thrill of the experience...


19 September 2019

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The UAE boasts a population of 9.4 million and a thriving economy based largely on fossil fuels, but one sector in which it falls far behind other parts of the world is food security. With a harsh desert climate and scarce water resources, the country is forced to import as much as 80% of its food from overseas. Indeed, by some estimates, a mere 10-15% of Emirati food is locally sourced.


UAE Students create “DEBRIS-CLEARING” Robot

16 September 2019

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A team of students at the Abu Dhabi University (ADU) are currently at work on developing an autonomous floating robot that is capable of collecting plastic and other forms of oceanic debris without the input of a human controller. The robot works in tandem with a drone that scans for areas of rubbish from above, then relays that information to the collector below.

At present it has only been...

Why is the UAE sending Palm Trees into SPACE?

29 August 2019

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The UAE has successfully sent a package containing palm tree seeds to the International Space Station (ISS) as the first phase of its plan to experiment whether the hardy plant can germinate in orbit. The payload arrived by the rocket Falcon 9, which was launched last month from Space X at Cape Canaveral in Florida, USA./p>

Dubbed ‘Palm in Space’, the project has been timed to coincide with ...

What causes LUNG CANCER?

26 August 2019

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90% of lung cancer diagnoses in the UAE are caused by smoking, according to the official cancer portal of the national government. However, given that a significant proportion of Emirati youths smoke heavily, and that a mere 150 new cases of lung cancer are identified in the country every year, experts believe that many sufferers are unaware that they might carry the disease.

“Nearly 50% of ...

Firms collaborate on F.E.E.D Offshore Project

22 August 2019

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A UK firm will collaborate with Al Yasat Petroleum, an offshoot of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), to undertake early design work on an offshore oil project in the Middle Eastern country’s territory. The Emirati subsidiary awarded the contract to Petrofac JV to carry out the front-end engineering design (FEED) part of the project.

Petrofac will now put together and submit a FEED ...

Can you tow an ICEBERG from ANTARTICA?

19 August 2019

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An Emirati businessman has raised eyebrows all over the globe through his ambitious scheme to tow an entire iceberg from Antarctica to the UAE. The grandiose project has been dismissed by some sceptics as “fantasy” and by the UAE government as nothing more than “a rumour”, but Abdulla Alshehi insists it is viable.

Rather than being a vanity project, the idea is actually rooted in environment...

Can you prevent MIGRAINES?

15 August 2019

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Chronic migraines afflict approximately 15% of the population and are up to three times more prevalent in females than males. This is chiefly due to the hormonal imbalances which women are subjected to and, along with fatigue, hunger, sleep deprivation and stress, can serve as a trigger for a migraine episode.

While a cure for migraines still eludes medical scientists, preventive treatment a...

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