Dubai World Trade Centre commences exciting exhibition and conferences season to boost Dubai's post-pandemic economic recovery

17 September 2021

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Over 40 business events lined up from September to December - a 40% increase on 2020

Dubai: Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) is readying to boost the emirate’s post-pandemic economic recovery with an unparalleled and action-packed calendar of conferences and exhibitions starting next week. After setting new global industry benchmarks in 2020 by hosting a series of industry-specific hybrid eve...

Does Alcohol increase the risk of CANCER?

08 September 2021

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Drinking alcohol on a regular basis can increase the risk of contracting cancer, according to a major new study backed by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Published in The Lancet, the research found that 741,300 diagnoses of cancer around the globe last year were caused by alcohol abuse.

Although the number of alcohol-related cancer cases recorded in the UAE in 2020 were comparatively lo...

Can SOTROVIMAB prevent COVID deaths?

02 September 2021

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Sotrovimab, the antiviral drug produced by GlaxoSmithKline, has received very favourable results from its first initial implementation phase in the UAE. After administering the drug to some 6,000 patients over a two-week period, the UAE authorities have concluded that it is 100% effective in preventing COVID-19-related deaths.

Other early indications suggest that Sotrovimab is highly effecti...

Are Infertility Rates rising?

25 August 2021

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The infertility rate in the Middle East is higher than in other parts of the world, according to a study conducted by market research firm Colliers. The UAE is one of the countries who are most afflicted by these rising rates of infertility, with experts blaming lifestyle choices for the phenomenon.

But while the decision to have children later in life, alongside poor physical health, might ...

A Personal Note

30 July 2021

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To all our LOYAL VISITORS & EXHIBITORS……. I am sure that you will be encouraged to learn that DUBAI is once again hosting Live Mainstream Exhibitions, throughout the summer and autumn period attracting positive success……………. It is also hosting WORLD EXPO 20 which is creating dynamic reviews worldwide.

Let me say that as organisers of ARABLAB for nearly 40 years it is always our aim to consid...

What are the MOST VACCINATED countries in the world?

25 July 2021

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The UAE leads the way in terms of the percentage of its population which could be covered by the number of vaccines that it has administered. According to the stats provided by Bloomberg’s COVID-19 tracker, the UAE has given 15.6 million doses of a viable vaccine to its citizens, which is sufficient to cover 72.4% of the population.

Indeed, other metrics also demonstrate how admirably the UA...


16 June 2021

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Forensic science has been playing an ever-greater role in police work over the last few decades. From the humble beginnings of the first applications of fingerprinting in the mid-19th century, through to the advancement of image analysis of recent years all the way to the futuristic technique of brain fingerprinting, science is increasingly important in criminal investigations.

Although this...

Is DIABETES deadlier than COVID-19?

30 May 2021

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After an extremely difficult past 16 months, it appears as though the tide may finally be turning with regard to coronavirus in many countries around the world. The UAE is one of the best performing nations with regards to its vaccination efforts, as over half of its 9.8 million populace has received a least one dosage.

But even as COVID-19 testing has changed over the past year and vaccinat...

How is the UAE supporting UK LIFE SCIENCES?

09 May 2021

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The UAE has signalled its intention to support the UK life sciences sector via the launch of a Sovereign Investment Partnership (SIP) between the two countries. The deal was inked by Abu Dhabi-based Mubadala Investment Company and the newly-created UK Office for Investment (OfI), in collaboration with the British Department for International Trade.

Under the terms of the arrangement, the SIP...

ABU DHABI’S Quantum Computer

21 April 2021

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Abu Dhabi is set to join the exciting world of quantum computing by constructing its own model in the coming months and years. The project is being spearheaded by the Advanced Technology Research Council, who are working in collaboration with Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech from Barcelona to construct the prototype in the Emirati capital.

As a revolutionary new technology, quantum computing has the...

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