What is the ECOBUS

18 January 2018

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Alternatively-fuelled vehicles (AFVs) are on the rise. Countries across the world are announcing bans on the sale of petrol and diesel cars, with China expected to announce similar plans eventually. But it’s not just cars that are the problem. Read on as we look at EcoBus, the latest eco-friendly development in the UAE. Busy on the buses

Buses are one of the most commonly used forms of publi...

How can the UAE become more liveable?

16 January 2018

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We all want to live somewhere that’s “liveable”, right? According to the new five-year plan announced by their Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, that’s exactly what the UAE wants. They have stated the UAE’s intention to be one of the world’s most liveable countries in the next few years. But what exactly does this mean? And how will they achieve it? Read on as we explore the latest pl...

Will ADNOC expand in 2018?

01 January 2018

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The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) is the biggest company in the UAE. It’s the 12th largest oil producer in the world, with 3 million barrels per day. But it’s still looking to grow. This year, ADNOC announced the 2030 Strategy to transform their business and deliver growth. But will they be expanding in 2018? Read on as we look at the plans of the national oil producer.

A history of...


28 December 2017

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The oceans across the world are precious to us. They provide a vast array of marine species, as well as a vital food source – and income source for countless coastal areas. Oceans can even provide a suitable setting for renewable energy generation, with offshore wind farm technology constantly improving, and the water feeding in from oceans acts for some as an essential water source.

It’s cl...

What is behind the Delhi Smog Crisis?

25 December 2017

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It’s no secret that Delhi suffers from some of the worst air in the world. Year after year they suffer from smog, forcing most people to wear facemasks or even stay indoors. In 2017, the supreme court of India ruled to ban the sale of fireworks in New Delhi to avoid the worsened smog that typically follows annual Diwali celebrations. However, it’s not just fireworks that contribute to the smog....


23 December 2017

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It’s not been long since the UAE launched their plans for the Mars Science City. Now, they’re aiming to become the frontrunners for research into space agriculture. Put simply, that’s the industry of growing food on other planets – with Mars the main target. Read on as we explore the Gulf state’s latest ambitions.

A growing sector for the UAE

The Dubai Airshow is held every year, bringing...

How accurate is Vitamin D Testing?

21 December 2017

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The importance of vitamin D for our bodies is becoming clearer, with a growing number of diseases being linked with a deficiency. With this in mind, it’s highly important to have an accurate way of testing patients’ vitamin D levels both to diagnose their deficiency, as well as linking it with other problems. Read on to see how UAE scientists have boosted testing for vitamin D.

Why is vitami...

Can you rent an Electric Car?

19 December 2017

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With growing concerns for air quality, countries around the world are looking to switch to renewable energy and alternative sources of fuel. The likes of France and the UK have already announced future bans on the sale of diesel and petrol cars, with China also planning something similar.

In the Gulf states, there have been similar signs of a shift in the way cars will be powered. The region...

What’s inside the Great Pyramid of Giza?

05 December 2017

Lab Chat

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest and the largest of Egypt’s pyramid complex. It’s thought to have been standing for over 4500 years. But that doesn’t mean we know everything about it. Scientists have proven that recently, discovering a previously unknown cavity in the structure. Read on to see how they found it and why it’s significant.

The mystery of the Great Pyramid

It’s estimat...

What is Ecotourism?

30 November 2017

Lab Chat

The United Arab Emirates are faced with a number of difficult challenges at present. One of those is reducing their environmental impact. Another is attracting tourists. Can they be combined? That’s where ecotourism comes in. But what is it? Read on for an introduction to ecotourism and how it could benefit the UAE.

What’s wrong with regular tourism?

Tourism is about attracting people to ...

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