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Hach New Product Launches

29 July 2017

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New Product Launches

TU5 Series Turbidimeters




The EPA approved TU5 Series Turbidimeter platform employs a patented optical design that sees more of the sample than any other turbidimeter, delivering the best low level precision and sensitivity while minimizing variability between measurements. This series eliminates the uncertainty of...

What is the Best 'Brain Food'?

17 July 2017

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“Eat your fish, it’s brain food.” That’s what they told us as kids – but is it true? Food can have a range of effects on our body – increasing energy, helping certain organs function and, of course, causing more fat to be stored. And when it comes to boosting the brain, there are certain foods which are better than others. Read on to see what you should be eating to help your brain go the extra...

How Do Your Clothes Pollute the Ocean?

16 July 2017

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Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental problems facing the world. It’s destroying marine habitats and seriously harming a diverse range of species in the ocean. But did you know your clothes are contributing to the mess? Clothes are actually made up of tiny plastic fibres which can make their way into the ocean when washed. Read on to see how this happens and how it’s affecting o...

What Vaccinations Does Your Baby Need?

15 July 2017

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As a routine procedure, some countries administer vaccinations to babies in their first few weeks and months. It prevents the babies from developing infections, which could lead to serious diseases. In France, the number of routine vaccinations is about to change – making it compulsory to vaccinate children against 11 illnesses. Read on to see what vaccines are covered by the changes.

The im...

How Does US Fossil Fuel Funding Compare to Renewables?

14 July 2017

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Around the world, governments are aiming to back renewable energy with a view to reducing our dependency on fossil fuels. But do their actions match their claims? A new report reveals the amount of funding being put into different energy types by the US government. Read on to see how much financial support they’re providing across the sectors.

Funding energy – what’s the point?

The likes ...

What Are ‘Climate Refugees’?

13 July 2017

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There’s no doubt about it, the world is struggling with the ongoing refugee crisis. Warfare is forcing people to flee their homes in hope of safety. It’s made more problematic by anti-immigration politics, which remains hung up on the economic downsides of helping people survive. It’s not just warfare, however. There is also a growing number people forced out of their countries by the effects o...

How Were Ancient Water Bottles Harming Native Americans?

12 July 2017

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Ancient remains hold a huge amount of information. If they’re skeletal remains, they can be assessed for illnesses and disease, while tools and instruments left behind can give us an insight into how our ancestors went about their daily life. However, these instruments can also reveal where they were going wrong. Read on to see how ancient water bottles may have been causing serious health prob...

How is Coffee Damaging the Environment?

21 June 2017

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Whether it’s an espresso in the morning, a cappuccino at lunch or a constant stream of instant through the day – most of us drink coffee. It gets people out of bed, and keeps them alert through the day. It’s so ingrained in most societies that scientists have even looked into ways of brewing the “ideal coffee”. But could your daily habit be causing damage to the environment? Read on to see the ...

Meet SEFA’s Advisory Board

20 June 2017

Lab Design

In the fall of 2013 SEFA Executive Director David J. Sutton proposed the formation of an Advisory Board to reinforce SEFA’s objective of creating safe, sustainable laboratory environments. It was envisioned as a way of acknowledging outstanding achievements in laboratory design by a select group of world-re-known design professionals. The intent was not only to honor these individuals but also ...

Would One Vegetarian Day Make a Difference to the Environment?

19 June 2017

Lab Chat

On June 12th each year, people around the world celebrate World Meat-Free Day. Now in its third year, the initiative is attracting more people than ever, who pledge to remove meat from their diet for just 24 hours. Why? Partly to open them up to the health benefits, but also to raise awareness of how a vegetarian diet can boost the environment. Read on to see how much of a difference World Meat...

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