Why are OIL FIRMS selling assets?

16 September 2021

Chem Chat

Saudi Aramco appear to be following the example of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) in selling off stakes in their energy assets, according to sources within the sector. They companies are expecting to raise tens of billions of dollars as they attempt to diversify their economic portfolios in a world where fossil fuels are increasingly maligned for their environmental impact.

The m...

How is DUBAI moving away from LANDFILL?

12 September 2021

Enviro Chat

The Emirati city of Dubai is looking to move away from its overreliance on landfill towards more sustainable methods of waste disposal. To this end, Dubai Municipality has launched a dedicated environmental strategy aimed at increasing rates of recycling, complying with international best practices and curbing the volume of waste that is sent to landfill.

At present, that constitutes some 75...

Does Alcohol increase the risk of CANCER?

08 September 2021

Lab Chat

Drinking alcohol on a regular basis can increase the risk of contracting cancer, according to a major new study backed by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Published in The Lancet, the research found that 741,300 diagnoses of cancer around the globe last year were caused by alcohol abuse.

Although the number of alcohol-related cancer cases recorded in the UAE in 2020 were comparatively lo...

Can SOTROVIMAB prevent COVID deaths?

02 September 2021

Lab Chat

Sotrovimab, the antiviral drug produced by GlaxoSmithKline, has received very favourable results from its first initial implementation phase in the UAE. After administering the drug to some 6,000 patients over a two-week period, the UAE authorities have concluded that it is 100% effective in preventing COVID-19-related deaths.

Other early indications suggest that Sotrovimab is highly effecti...

Could the UAE become the first NET-ZERO Oil Exporter?

31 August 2021

Enviro Chat

The UAE is considering becoming the first major oil exporter to boast a net-zero carbon profile by 2050, according to sources within the government. The push to commit to such an ambitious objective is being spearheaded by the country’s special envoy for climate change, Sultan Ahmed al Jaber, who also doubles as its minister for industry and advanced technology.

Although the announcement is ...

How is IKEA using BIOFUELS?

29 August 2021

Chem Chat

The world-famous home furnishing company IKEA, which is headquartered in Sweden, has made headlines in the UAE by switching to biofuels in its delivery vehicles. The move is expected to reduce carbon emissions by up to 90% and serve as part of the company’s overall strategy to achieve emission-free deliveries within four years.

As a readily available alternative to diesel which requires no s...

Are Infertility Rates rising?

25 August 2021

Lab Chat

The infertility rate in the Middle East is higher than in other parts of the world, according to a study conducted by market research firm Colliers. The UAE is one of the countries who are most afflicted by these rising rates of infertility, with experts blaming lifestyle choices for the phenomenon.

But while the decision to have children later in life, alongside poor physical health, might ...

How is Abu Dhabi regulating Marine Water?

23 August 2021

Enviro Chat

The Abu Dhabi emirate has introduced a new piece of legislation aimed at safeguarding its coastal waters and the marine life which inhabits them. The regulation has been designed and will be enforced by the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) and will come into effect on a staggered basis over the next two years.

Among other things, the law will regulate the discharge of liquid waste into m...

A Personal Note

30 July 2021

Lab Chat

To all our LOYAL VISITORS & EXHIBITORS……. I am sure that you will be encouraged to learn that DUBAI is once again hosting Live Mainstream Exhibitions, throughout the summer and autumn period attracting positive success……………. It is also hosting WORLD EXPO 20 which is creating dynamic reviews worldwide.

Let me say that as organisers of ARABLAB for nearly 40 years it is always our aim to consid...

Is there an ECO-FRIENDLY alternative to Concrete?

29 July 2021

Chem Chat

The UAE Pavilion is currently home to a prototype structure constructed completely from sustainable alternatives to cement and concrete. Erected to coincide with the Venice Architecture Biennale 2021, the exhibition is named Wetland and demonstrates that it is possible for the construction industry to become more sustainable going forwards.

The main element of the prototype which makes it ec...

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