How is ADNOC planning to expand?

25 September 2020

Lab Chat

ADNOC Distribution has announced that it intends to forge ahead with bold expansion plans for company. Not only is the state-owned oil giant looking to open refuelling stations in neighbouring Saudi Arabia, but ADNOC is also eyeing opportunities to infiltrate the Indian lubricant market, as well.

“We are progressing well on our international expansion strategy. We see the Saudi Arabian fuel ...

How is the UAE using SCIENCE to make Cricket Safe?

23 September 2020

Lab Chat

After being chosen as the host venue for the upcoming Indian Premier League (ILP) cricket season, the UAE is ensuring that all precautions are being taken to make the competition as safe as possible. The 60-game tournament was moved from Mumbai to the Middle East after the number of daily coronavirus cases in India continued to climb throughout the summer, so Emirati authorities will be eager t...

Why has the UAE been praised for its COVID-19 response?

20 September 2020

Lab Chat

The editor-in-chief of one of the world’s most prestigious scientific journals has praised the UAE government for its response to coronavirus. Richard Horton, who has occupied the top job at The Lancet journal for the last 25 years, showed particular appreciation for the country’s “strong leadership” and an approach which values the opinion of scientists highly.

To date, the UAE has witnesse...


31 August 2020

Chem Chat

The UAE has become the first Arab country to open a nuclear power plant this month with the unveiling of its 5,600GW Barakah facility near Ruwais. The project is the latest attempt by the Emirati government to diversify its energy and their economic portfolios and transform its oil companies into broader energy firms, thus reducing the country’s over-reliance on fossil fuels and transitioning t...

First MARINE WASTE TREATMENT facility opened in UAE

24 August 2020

Lab Chat

The UAE has opened the Middle East’s first marine waste treatment facility in Sharjah. A collaboration between local waste management company Bee’ah and European environmental non-profit organisation Polyeco, the plant will help the UAE to protect the waters surrounding its territory and develop its circular economy.

The onsite Alternative Raw Material facility is intended to harvest marine ...

How can the UAE prevent Oil Spills?

17 August 2020

Lab Chat

A prominent government official has called for the UAE to do more to catch and penalise those responsible for illegally discharging oil waste into the waters surrounding the country. Adnan Al Hammadi, who is the Sharjah representative of the Federal National Council (FNC), has asked for guilty parties to be more harshly penalised in future.

Although dumping oil is outlawed in the Emirates in...

Why is DESALINATION critical in the MIDDLE EAST?

16 August 2020

Chem Chat

While it might be one of the most resource-rich and economically wealthy parts of the planet, the Middle East is sorely lacking in one vital commodity – water. Home to some 400 million people and a climate not conducive to frequent rainfall, the region relies on unconventional sources of drinking water, such as treated wastewater and, in particular, desalination.

As the global population swe...

Can dogs sniff out COVID-19?

11 August 2020

Lab Chat

The United Arab Emirates has become the first nation to employ sniffer dogs in testing visitors to Dubai International Airport (DXB) for coronavirus. Operating in much the same way that canines are already widely used to detect narcotics and explosives, the sensitive noses of the dogs have been trained to recognise subtle changes in the body odour of COVID-19 sufferers.

Those behind the sche...

Why was OIL STORAGE invaluable during COVID-19?

09 August 2020

Chem Chat

The oil and gas industry has taken something of a pummelling over recent months. With lockdown measures in place across much of the globe to limit the spread of coronavirus, demand for energy fell sharply, as industries and businesses all but shut down and far fewer passenger vehicles took to the streets.

Now, with the world beginning to emerge from the height of the coronavirus crisis and t...

How is the UAE rebuilding CORAL REEFS?

02 August 2020

Lab Chat

A team of divers are helping to stimulate life in the depths of the water surrounding the Emirati coast. Led by the Fujairah Adventure Centre, the project involves removing coral from a living reef, cutting it into pieces and then “planting” it once more to create an artificial reef in areas that have seen their biodiversity suffer in recent years.

Coral reefs are a vital habitat for thousan...

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