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What is Pay as You Throw?

31 May 2018

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In the modern day we generally want more, buy more and – as a result – throw away much more. Whether it’s food, gadgets or clothes, the throw-away society is well and truly in force thanks to consumerism. And it means local, national and international authorities are now looking at ways to cap this waste. One solution put forward by the Dubai Municipality is “pay-as-you-throw” – but what exactl...

How is EMIRATES Using Plastic Waste?

29 May 2018

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From harming wildlife to packing out landfills, plastic waste is a fast-increasing problem around the world. And, whether it’s governments, businesses or even individual consumers swapping products they buy, it’s up to everyone to fix it. While some may duck and dodge their responsibility, Emirates airlines are looking for innovative ways to play their part. Read on as we look at how they’re ut...

Can Renewable Energy Replace OIL for the UAE?

27 May 2018

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The UAE has long relied on its huge oil reserves. But fossil fuels won’t last forever. Combine that with a growing concern for the environmental impact of the oil industry and you have a clear sign that it’s time to diversify the UAE economy – along with that of several other oil-dependent countries. But how exactly?

A seemingly ‘like-for-like’ replacement would be to replace an energy-based...

What is the SCIENCE AGENDA 2031?

21 May 2018

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Science is at the forefront of future plans for the United Arab Emirates. From attracting new scientists to innovating aspects of everyday life, the UAE is certainly looking to become something of a science hub. And that’s something that’s underlined by the Science Agenda 2031. Read on as we look at what the agenda entails.

Announcing Science Agenda 2031

The National Advanced Science Agen...

Have Oil Cuts Rectified the Over Supply Problem?

19 May 2018

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Since late 2016, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has been imposing oil cuts on its members, along with allied nations such as Russia. The aim was to stop oil being oversupplied and increase its price as a result. So, more than a year down the line, has it worked? Read on as we look at how effective OPEC’s production cuts have been.

The introduction of production cuts...

Is the UAE Successfully Diversifying it’s Economy?

18 May 2018

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For decades, a number of countries have relied on their natural oil and gas resources to keep their economy running smoothly. However, it seems most of them are looking to move away from oil and diversity. A perfect example is the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which has spent several years planning and taking strides to diversify its economy. Read on as we look at how successful these attempts hav...

What Problems do Invasive Species Pose?

17 May 2018

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Invasive species were the subject of a recent warning in the UAE. Why? The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment has warned businesses and individuals about a range of practices that are leading to invasive species being introduced to local ecosystems. Read on as we take a closer look at the warning, and why invasive species are so problematic.

A survey of UAE wildlife

As part of the...

When will the UAE have it’s own HYPERLOOP

16 May 2018

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The hyperloop is thought to be the ground-breaking development for transport, with the US, India and the UAE among the nations proposing routes. In simple terms, it will get people from A to B much faster. And the UAE may have taken a huge step closer, with the results of their hyperloop study due in the coming weeks. So, when will the UAE be getting a hyperloop?

What on earth is a hyperloop...

Countdown for LABDESIGN SHOWCASE 2019

01 May 2018

Lab Design

The Annual Global Meeting and Networking Forum for:

Architects, Designers, Consultants, Laboratory Personnel and Lab Planners.

The powerful presentation for “Lab Design Professionals” that showcases the latest designs and concepts in the laboratory.

The World of Science comes to life again@ ARABLAB

25 March 2018

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