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What is a Sustainable City?

09 March 2018

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p>The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is known for its oil production. But, looking to the future, could it be known to have one most sustainable cities ever? That’s where Diamond Developers comes in. Building a city just outside central Dubai, they hope the new metropolitan will produce as much energy, if not more, than it consumes. Coined the Sustainable City, they believe this will be the future ...

Will AI Make Its Way into Healthcare?

07 March 2018

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No longer are advancing tech techniques simply for shopping and streaming music. Instead, they can now help with health and well-being. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), significant funding is being put into artificial intelligence (AI) for healthcare purposes. Will this be a big step forward for medicine? Or, are things starting to look too futuristic?

Funding and forums for AI


Major Organ Transplants Introduced to the UAE

06 March 2018

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Since the introduction of the organ transplant laws in 2016, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been making significant progress when it comes to donation procedures. And now, it seems these efforts have come to fruition, with the first transplants of several major organs taking place in the Emirates. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly this means for the UAE…

Increasing organ donation


The World of Science comes to life@ ARABLAB

05 March 2018

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 ARABLAB Show in Dubai is recognised throughout the Analytical World as one of the “MUST SEE” events in the Science & Analytical calendar.

This year the focus on the show covers a special theme called MULTILAB which has a global reach attracting industry personnel from over 100 countries.

Many of the various Technology Streams which are featured strongly in the MULTILAB sector of the show...

Can Plastic Fuel Cars?

04 March 2018

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Plastic and fuel are two of the world’s biggest environmental problems. As plastic waste stacks up, fuels like diesel and petrol are continually releasing more pollutants into the environment – both from their production and use. The solution? Turn plastic into fuel. Read on to see how plastic-to-fuel technology is taking off in the UAE.

The problem with plastic

Research suggests over 8 b...

What are Seeding Flights?

28 February 2018

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) boasts a very hot, dry and humid climate. With aims to combat desertification and drought, scientists are now turning towards seeding flights. But, what are these and how can they help with rainfall? Read on as we look at the process of precipitation enhancement with seeding.

Soaring seeding

Average rainfall in the UAE is around 120mm a year, compared to an ...

LEAN LABORATORY DESIGN ……. The way of the future

26 February 2018

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Victoria David
Iron Horse Architects


25 February 2018

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After years of fast growth and development, the UAE is now become increasingly concerned with the environment. Whether it’s sustainable tourism or ecological protection, the environment is now high on the list for the Emirates. And that’s highlighted more than ever on February 4th, which is the UAE National Environment Day. Read on as we look at how the Emirates marked the occasion in 2018.



21 February 2018

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Is Saudi Arabia ready to move to RENEWABLES?

19 February 2018

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As one of the most oil-rich domains, Saudi Arabia has long been a stronghold of oil production. But there are increasing worries about just how much oil is left, along with its contribution to climate change. Looking to the future, is Saudi Arabia ready to move away from its oil reliance towards a more sustainable energy sources? Read on as we look at the nation’s oil consumption and whether th...

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