How big are the UAE’s OIL RESERVES?

20 December 2020

Chem Chat

The total amount of crude oil reserves belonging to the UAE reached a staggering 97.8 billion barrels in 2019, according to official figures. The quantification of UAE’s oil assets was made by the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority (FCSA), who also identified the country’s production of both oil and natural gas in the last year.

That signifies that the Emirates still retain a v...

Can Drones help the EVIRONMENT?

15 December 2020

Enviro Chat

Due to their ability to reach remote locations and their imperviousness to the kind of errors that make humans unreliable, drones can play an important part in helping the environment. That potential is being taken advantage of in the UAE, where the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency (EAD) is planning to use these remotely piloted machines to plant thousands of mangrove seeds along the country’s coas...

Abu Dhabi OIL DISCOVERY estimated at 22 Billion Barrels

13 December 2020

Chem Chat

The Supreme Petroleum Council (SPC) of the UAE made headlines last month with the announcement of a significant discovery of previously unknown oil reserves in Abu Dhabi. According to an SPC announcement, the Emirati capital is home to an estimated 22 billion barrels of recoverable, non-conventional crude oil that the authorities did not previously know existed.

The SPC say the new cache cou...

How does the COVID-19 Saliva Test work?

09 December 2020

Lab Chat

Last month, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) announced it is launching a new COVID-19 diagnosis test, capable of returning accurate results within a maximum of 24 hours using only a saliva sample. The test is now available to anyone at a price of AED 150 (€34) across all DHA facilities in the emirate.

Aimed at children between the ages of three and 16 years old, the test is less invasive tha...

DUBAI is ready to welcome back the “WORLD OF SCIENCE & CHEMICALS"

01 December 2020

Lab Chat



The Organisers of ARABLAB+ 2021 have rescheduled the exhibition dates to now take place on 15 – 17 NOVEMBER 2021.

Dubai does provide a very safe and secure venue for the Exhibition.

However, the current travel restrictions applying to many countries from which exhibitors and visitors originate, are preventing many participants from making their travel plans.


How will OPEC stop prices plummeting?

22 November 2020

Chem Chat

The Secretary General of the Organisation of Oil Exporting Countries + (OPEC+) has indicated that the alliance is fully prepared to take all necessary actions to ensure that oil prices do not plummet steeply once more. Every industry has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic to some extent, but with energy demand slumping, the fossil fuels sector has been harder hit than most.

However, M...

How can SAND reduce WATER use?

22 November 2020

Enviro Chat

In a country like the UAE, water scarcity is a real concern. Due to its sizzling temperatures and dry climate, there is barely enough water in the Emirates for the personal use of its citizens and the cultivation of its agricultural crops, let alone for the purposes of gardening or landscaping.

With that difficulty in mind, environmentalist and entrepreneur Chandra Dake has launched “Breatha...


18 November 2020

Enviro Chat

One silver lining incurred by the coronavirus pandemic is the catalysing effect it has had on many people’s attitudes towards the environment and how their own daily habits can impact upon it. As well as prompting individuals to reassess their daily routine, it has also encouraged governments to plough a more sustainable furrow.

The UAE is a case in point. At present, the country is forced t...

How is the UAE treating COVID-19?

15 November 2020

Lab Chat

Our knowledge of coronavirus continues to grow with each passing day. At the beginning of the outbreak, doctors in the UAE and abroad were trying everything they could to counter the symptoms and stem the spread of the disease, but 10 months on, medical expertise surrounding the subject has come a long way.

By observing the efficacy of different treatment plans and sharing their experiences ...

Could the UAE pipe oil to EUROPE?

11 November 2020

Chem Chat

The UAE has opened talks with Israel over the use of a pipeline in the latter region, the operations of which remain classified. The Eilat-Ashkelon pipeline originates on the Gulf of Aqaba on the Red Sea and terminates at Ashkelon on the Mediterranean Sea, thus making it an ideal route for oil from Asia to Europe.

Although it is early days in the discussions, the accord could represent a hug...

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