UAE CLOUD SEEDING improves Weather across the Gulf

08 April 2020

Lab Chat

For the last few years, the UAE has implemented an increasingly aggressive cloud-seeding policy, aimed at combating rising temperatures and increasing rainfall in the country. And the beneficial effects of its scheme are being felt not just in the Emirates themselves, but all across the neighbouring region, according to meteorological expert Dr Said Al Sami.

The global effects of climate cha...

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11 March 2020

Lab Chat

Analytical Innovation 2020

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With concerns due to the current coronavirus outbreak, many companies and institutes are imposing travel restrictions and several major conferences and exhibitions have already been postponed or cancelled. This year’s ArabLab+ in Dubai, UAE is one of those affected.

The situation is changing ...


11 March 2020

Lab Chat

We would like to take this opportunity to share with you the situation with regards to ARABLAB+.

We decided to postpone ARABLAB+ 2020 due to the overwhelming concerns of a majority of exhibitors, visitors, principals and agents who normally attend the event......... over their ability to travel to the Show, and the Health & Welfare of their staff. We felt that we could not guarantee a succes...

UAE signs Oil Storage deal with JAPAN

03 March 2020

Chem Chat

The UAE and Japan have signed an energy cooperation deal, which will allow the state oil company of the Emirates (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, or ADNOC) to store significant amounts of the substance in Japanese storage facilities. In return, Japan will have first refusal on certain amounts of oil in the event that the country experiences shortages of its own.

The deal was signed by Dr Sul...

Look what is happening to SEFA in 20/21

27 February 2020

Lab Design

It has been 10 years since my first visit to Dubai for the ARABLAB Expo . At that time SEFA had 78 members from 10 countries. During that visit SEFA hosted a dinner/reception in the Gulf Auditorium at the Fairmont Hotel. The attendance for the event was so good, I knew this was just the beginning for SEFA and ARABLAB. Here we are, 10 years later‐‐ SEFA has grown to 170 members from 24 different...

SOLAR CONCENTRATOR installed in Abu Dhabi

23 February 2020

Lab Chat

The UAE is proud to announce the installation of a first-of-its-kind solar concentrator at the Masdar City Campus on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi. The project is a joint venture between Masdar City (the UAE’s flagship sustainable community), Wahaj Solar and the Khalifa University of Science and Technology.

Capable of harnessing the power generated by temperatures above 1,000°C – or that roughl...

Day 2 of superb presentations by Global Experts involved in Planning & Developing LABS all over the world.

19 February 2020

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How is the UAE backing GRAPHENE?

16 February 2020

Chem Chat

First discovered in 2004, graphene is the strongest substance known to man. It is more efficient at conducting electricity than copper, one million times thinner than a single human hair in diameter and offers greater flexibility than rubber. Despite these incredible properties, scientists have spent the last decade and a half scratching their heads over what purpose to put graphene to.


How ETIHAD is improving Aviation Fuel Efficiency?

13 February 2020

Lab Chat

Etihad Airways, the second largest commercial airline in the UAE, signalled its intention to transition towards greener operating methods with the arrival of its latest Boeing 787 craft, the Greenliner. Registered under the code A6-BHM, the Greenliner becomes Etihad’s eighth 787-10 and will represent the new face of its sustainable operations plan.

The Greenliner completed its maiden voyage ...

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