Why has the UAE been praised for its COVID-19 response?

20 October 2020

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The editor-in-chief of one of the world’s most prestigious scientific journals has praised the UAE government for its response to coronavirus. Richard Horton, who has occupied the top job at The Lancet journal for the last 25 years, showed particular appreciation for the country’s “strong leadership” and an approach which values the opinion of scientists highly.

To date, the UAE has witnesse...

SARS-CoV-2 antibody rapid tests in Africa

20 October 2020

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‘KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH’ and its new subsidiary 'Das Labor. GmbH' cooperate in a development partnership with the ‘Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH’ to produce reliable Corona antibody tests in Sub-Saharan Africa. The new production unit in Côte d’Ivoire will be one of the first facilities in Africa to produce SARS-CoV-2 antibody rapid tests for u...

Why did UAE Oil Production rise in August?

07 October 2020

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The UAE’s oil output rose to 2.693 million barrels per day in August, according to data confirmed by Energy Minister Suhail al-Mazrouei. The increase in production was brought on by hot weather during the Emirati summer and a greater tendency for the population to stay at home due to coronavirus, thus causing them to use air conditioning more often.

The final total for August outstrips the q...

UAE ENVIRONMENT ranks highly in world in WORLD RANKINGS

04 October 2020

Enviro Chat

The UAE has returned impressive results in the most recent edition of the Institute for Management Development (IMD) World Competitiveness Yearbook for 2020. The Gulf nation came out top of the global pile in eight different environmental categories, including environmental laws, marine protected areas and sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions.

The news was announced by the Ministry of Climate Cha...

Where does Dubai rank for MEDICAL TOURISM?

01 October 2020

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Dubai has been named as the top location in the Middle East for medical tourism, according to the latest analysis released by the International Healthcare Research Centre (IHRC). It’s the second time running that the emirate has finished top of the pile regionally, having supplanted Israel in the 2016-17 edition of the Medical Tourism Index.

Globally, Dubai also fares favourably. It came six...

How is the UAE dealing with rising GROUNDWATER?

27 September 2020

Enviro Chat

Scientists from the UAE University (UAEU) are working alongside Abu Dhabi Municipality to find solutions to the emirate’s rising groundwater problem. Each year, the lowlands of Abu Dhabi can find themselves flooded underneath excess groundwater for as much as 10 months out of every 12.

Of course, the national capital is far from the only city in the Middle East that must grapple with similar...

How is ADNOC planning to expand?

25 September 2020

Lab Chat

ADNOC Distribution has announced that it intends to forge ahead with bold expansion plans for company. Not only is the state-owned oil giant looking to open refuelling stations in neighbouring Saudi Arabia, but ADNOC is also eyeing opportunities to infiltrate the Indian lubricant market, as well.

“We are progressing well on our international expansion strategy. We see the Saudi Arabian fuel ...

How is the UAE using SCIENCE to make Cricket Safe?

23 September 2020

Lab Chat

After being chosen as the host venue for the upcoming Indian Premier League (ILP) cricket season, the UAE is ensuring that all precautions are being taken to make the competition as safe as possible. The 60-game tournament was moved from Mumbai to the Middle East after the number of daily coronavirus cases in India continued to climb throughout the summer, so Emirati authorities will be eager t...

Will the Middle East come back GREENER?

21 September 2020

Enviro Chat

While coronavirus continues to devastate economies and prematurely claim countless lives across the globe, the crisis has incurred one small silver lining – the concurrent effect it has had on air pollution. With industry and transportation coming to something of a standstill, carbon emissions are projected to be down by 8% in 2020 compared to last year.

However, research conducted by the Un...


31 August 2020

Chem Chat

The UAE has become the first Arab country to open a nuclear power plant this month with the unveiling of its 5,600GW Barakah facility near Ruwais. The project is the latest attempt by the Emirati government to diversify its energy and their economic portfolios and transform its oil companies into broader energy firms, thus reducing the country’s over-reliance on fossil fuels and transitioning t...

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