Are pipelines the key to Oil Security?

21 January 2021

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The establishment of pipelines connecting the Middle East to the rest of the world could be crucial to guaranteeing global oil security, according to outgoing US Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette. Brouillette visited Abu Dhabi last month to meet with high-ranking officials from regional powers and discuss the possibility of diversifying the transportation methods used to ferry oil to Asia, Europ...

UAE Researchers ranked among the World’s Top Scientists

17 January 2021

Lab Chat

Each year, Stanford University publishes an exhaustive list of the top 2% of scientists in every discipline, based upon the impact of their published papers on a citation basis. In 2019, the prestigious list included a plethora of Emirati scientists, including 32 United Arab Emirate University (UAEU) faculty members.

The achievement is a remarkable one and stands as testament to how the UAEU...

Abu Dhabi wins GLOBAL DIVERSITY award

13 January 2021

Enviro Chat

The Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi (EAD) has been named as winner of the “Outstanding Contribution to Biodiversity Global 2020 Award” by Capital Finance International (CFI). As the largest environmental watchdog in the region, EAD was recognised for the outstanding efforts it has made to prioritise conservation in the Emirati capital.

“One of our main strategic priorities and mandates is th...

Will 2021 bring a Recovery for Oil?

10 January 2021

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The UAE are quietly confident that the coming year will see a slow but steady resurgence in the demand for oil. Speaking to Sky News Arabia, Energy Minister Suhail Al-Mazrouei explained that he envisaged a “gradual” recovery that would take place over the course of the year.

Oil demand fell to record low levels last year, after the spread of coronavirus prompted governments across the globe ...

UAE approves another COVID-19 vaccine

07 January 2021

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The UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention intends to give the green light to yet another vaccine for coronavirus, claiming the substance has an 86% efficacy in preventing infections of the disease. It’s the fifth vaccine that has shown promising results to date, but the first one to come from China.

The announcement comes after the vaccine was involved in intensive clinical trials particip...

How is the UAE improving WATER SECURITY?

24 December 2020

Enviro Chat

The UAE has made another stride towards improving the national water security situation last month, after one of the country’s biggest agricultural firms struck a business deal with an Israeli company to shore up its water supply in an innovative manner.

The Al Dahra Agricultural Company, a manufacturer of animal feed and other related products, has teamed up with Watergen, the forward-think...

How big are the UAE’s OIL RESERVES?

20 December 2020

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The total amount of crude oil reserves belonging to the UAE reached a staggering 97.8 billion barrels in 2019, according to official figures. The quantification of UAE’s oil assets was made by the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority (FCSA), who also identified the country’s production of both oil and natural gas in the last year.

That signifies that the Emirates still retain a v...

Can Drones help the EVIRONMENT?

15 December 2020

Enviro Chat

Due to their ability to reach remote locations and their imperviousness to the kind of errors that make humans unreliable, drones can play an important part in helping the environment. That potential is being taken advantage of in the UAE, where the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency (EAD) is planning to use these remotely piloted machines to plant thousands of mangrove seeds along the country’s coas...

Abu Dhabi OIL DISCOVERY estimated at 22 Billion Barrels

13 December 2020

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The Supreme Petroleum Council (SPC) of the UAE made headlines last month with the announcement of a significant discovery of previously unknown oil reserves in Abu Dhabi. According to an SPC announcement, the Emirati capital is home to an estimated 22 billion barrels of recoverable, non-conventional crude oil that the authorities did not previously know existed.

The SPC say the new cache cou...

How does the COVID-19 Saliva Test work?

09 December 2020

Lab Chat

Last month, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) announced it is launching a new COVID-19 diagnosis test, capable of returning accurate results within a maximum of 24 hours using only a saliva sample. The test is now available to anyone at a price of AED 150 (€34) across all DHA facilities in the emirate.

Aimed at children between the ages of three and 16 years old, the test is less invasive tha...

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