UAE launches second A1...

11 April 2019

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UAE Launches Second AI Camp

With new developments cropping up every day, the world of artificial intelligence (AI) is growing both in size and its importance to society. From AI that speaks for you to simple smart home devices, the industry is advancing at a rapid rate. And the United Arab Emirates is doing all it can to stay ahead.

The latest developmental announcement comes from the Min...

Saudi overtakes UAE

08 April 2019

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Saudi Overtakes UAE As Leading Kenya Exporter

As the race continues to see who will pump the world’s last barrel of oil, Saudi Arabia are upping their game and branching out further. They have recently overtaken the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as Kenya’s leading source of oil imports.

Data from Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) revealed that, last year, petroleum product imports f...

Insulin Shortage

03 April 2019

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According to research, around 9% of all adults around the world suffer from diabetes. The condition can cause kidney failure, heart problems, neuropathic pain and even sometimes lead to amputation and blindness. Diabetes is caused by a lack of working insulin, which breaks down glucose in the blood and transports in to cells to produce energy. Without this function, diabetics can suffer from en...

Abu Dhabi hosts Middle Easts first World Ocean Summit

01 April 2019

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As an area known more for its huge fossil fuel industry than its environmental sustainability, it may come as a surprise that Abu Dhabi will be hosting the World Ocean Summit this year. The summit will be the sixth annual event and the first to be held in the Middle East.

As well as attempting to bring environmental issues to light, the event aims to change the image of the Middle East as a ...

Harrison Ford reveals ENVIRONMENTAL concerns

25 March 2019

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Environmental concerns are continuing to grow across the globe. With pollution, climate change and rising sea levels posing threats to life as we know it, a number of high-profile celebrities have spoken out about their environmental concerns. One such example is Hollywood star Harrison Ford who has called for more to be done by global leaders to address climate change.

The Indiana Jones and...


18 March 2019

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Taking place across the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Pink Caravan Ride (PCR) is an awareness-raising and taboo-breaking campaign to improve breast cancer treatment and diagnosis. As the campaign enters its 8th year, they have introduced genetic testing in the hope that more people will be able to catch the disease early.

Another addition to the PCR is the mini mobile clinic, offering lect...

How will AUTOMATION reduce fuel consumption?

14 March 2019

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Fuel consumption is a global concern for a variety of reasons. But while many are focussed on avoiding an oil shortage around the world, Dubai has posed another solution to the growing demand for oil. Namely, automated public transport.

At the World Government Summit in February 2019, Mattar Al Tayer, director-general of Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA), pledged that “by 2030, 25% ...

When will the MARS SCIENCE CITY be ready?

11 March 2019

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Back in February 2017, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) unveiled its 100-year plan to colonise Mars, aiming to establish the first human settlement on the Red Planet by 2117. While this ambitious project won’t be completed for another 98 years, the team aim to have a prototype simulation city of life on Mars in just “three or four years”.

The Mars Science City, which will be built and housed i...

Where is next for UAE OIL?

06 March 2019

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With shale proving to be less productive than originally thought in the US, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) seems to be taking a different direction completely. The oil-giants are planning a $44 billion refinery complex in Maharashtra, India.

UAE’s Abu Dhabi National Oil Co (ADNOC) has partnered with Saudi Aramco to invest in 50% the costly project, aiming to increase the number of refinery a...

How will rising heat affect the ARABIAN GULF?

03 March 2019

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Water pollution is one of the biggest environmental concerns for 2019. It’s certainly taking its toll on the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with extreme damage to the coral reefs in the Arabian Gulf. After a record-breaking hot summer and low levels of wind, the future of 8 reefs is at risk as corals are dying at a rapid rate.

There’s growing concern among UAE scientists after research discovere...

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